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Explorer's Fieldbook

More useful than any other tool in their arsenal was the Field Book. A hundred pages of high-grade blank paper bound in sturdy oiltan leather, with secure straps to keep the volume closed and a pair of d-rings to attach it anywhere that might be useful on one's kit. These books, and the information, sketches, and notes that came to be stored in them, often became more valuable than any amount of salt, iron, or blessings for our operatives out in the field.

And now, these Fieldbooks can be yours as well- The slipcover will fit most 8.5x5.5 inch blank books (we use a blank artbook for the most versatility whether you're writing or drawing) and one is included with your order. At the same time, the back straps of the cover work well to hold pens, pencils, or whatever else you may need to tuck in there, and our armor-grade oiltan ensures your book can weather through most hazards. Available in any combination of body, strap, and hardware colors shown below.

Body Color: Strap Color: Hardware: Qty: $79.99

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