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Harbinger Mask

"The Void and The Becoming. The deathly chill emptiness of absolute order, or the constant crawling chaos of neverending change and transformation. The forces that shaped our universe and every other one like it, And both keep blleding through in and around the edges. Those forces, and to a lesser extension, their servants, are waht we study and watch for, what we try to stop where we can, though mostly It's a rearguard action, cleaning up the mess after, and locking away dangers that might cause further incidents were they discovered by the public again. At least, that's what we used to do."

-Ambrose Hollowell, Assorted Lectures at the Ravenswood Institute, Schenectady, NY.

Presented for the first time here are the masks from the infamous Harbinger Cult uprising of 1976, designed to summon not one, but both forces to earth. Each mask carefully handcrafted, detailed and hand dyed and painted. Available in VOID black, with galaxy detailing across the tentacles or BECOMING green with a darkened verdigris finish.


Color: Qty: $165.00

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