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The House of Madness- Windrow Manor perched upon writhing tentacles above a skull and clockworks

The Windrow-Ravenswood Guidebook

The Guidebook for that most accursed, possibly haunted item, the Windrow-Ravenswood Deck. Long thought lost to the archives of the Ravenswood Institute. This full and complete 396 page guide contains all of the following:

  • The full list of cards, with their artwork, divinations, correspondences, and historical notes
  • Guides to methods of reading the deck
  • Resources for performing spells and other rituals with the cards
  • Historical notes and entries
  • The complete 180 page story of the doomed Archivist responsible for the rediscovery of the Lost Arcana Cards on the Windrow Estate in 1920

And more. At long last this story can be told in full. But I beg you, for your own sake, knowledge such as this can only be considered a curse on top of the darkness of the information contained herein. Read at your own peril. I pray you will have no need of this.

Click here to view and order the Guidebook (External Link)


An animated display of various tarot cards from the Windrow-Ravenswood Deck
The Compleat Windrow-Ravenswood Deck
It is with great pleasure and no small amount of trepidation that we of the Ravenswood Institute bring to you the fully completed Windrow-Ravenswood Deck. All 78 cards, comprising both the original poker/oracle deck with its four suits of Bones, Cogs, Circles, and the Sea with the dreaded Lost Arcana cards which were recovered at great peril from Windrow Manor. All artwork fully remastered and reproduced for tarot sizing by artist Dee Arbacauskas.

Click here to view and order the deck (External link).

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