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Modelling/Photography: Archaical

Let your inner demon, bat, or other leathery-winged self show on the outside with these brilliant add-ons for your boots, shoes, or corset.

Hand-cut with burned-in details, the hardened leather will last through a good deal of punishment and still stay looking good, flapping to keep pace as you walk.

Prices are per pair of wings- for individual wing orders, please contact us directly.

Color: Qty: $35.00

Limited Edition Red BootWings

The Red/Oxblood wings are available once more, while supplies last- made from a much heavier oxblood latigo than our normal wings, these wings are both stylish and the sturdiest we've offered yet!

Current status SOLD OUT.

Modeling/Photography: Archaical

Modelling/Photography: Archaical