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Vandal Harness


Every heroine, hero, villain, and yes, Vandal knows the moment- hanging from a bare grip over disaster and ruin itself, everything on the line, and only one thin lead clipped onto your sturdy yet amazingly fashionable harness to keep it all together.

This was one of the big challenges from the 2022 reboot of my work in general- redesigning my body harnesses with something revolutionary that could adapt across as big of a range of size, needs, and gender as possible. Four adjustment points on the back to change both shoulder and ribcage measurement. An underbust strap that doesn't need a fixed center and can be removed if you'd rather not have it worn close-fitting. And five attachment hardpoints by default- two on the shoulders and one center-back, and one more at each end of the underbust strap. This does everything my old harness designs did, only better, better fitting, and even more stylish with all the available color options.

SIZING: one size fits most and we mean it. with the underbust band on, the Vandal can fit from a 26 inch underbust up to a 52 inch. With the band detached, the harness works as a free-size bolero, and can expand to fit across nearly any shoulder width.

And if you need a size outside of these ranges (or if you're unsure if your measurements fit) I'm happy to do custom sizing to fit your needs or answer any questions- just contact me.

Color choices:
Color 1 determines the center coffin panel and all the strapping.
Color 2 is the underpanels across the back and shoulders.

Color 1:
Color 2:

Add Ons

We know. The Vandal's great. It could be even more amazing, and you get to decide how, with these:

Side Pouch

A 5.5x4x1.25 inch pouch designed to snap on around the underarm strap. Buckle and strap closure for easy one-handed opening while you're wearing everything. Please note the pouches are side-specific in design. A left will only work on the left side, same for the right.
Color 1: Pouch body
Color 2: Backing and straps

Color 1:
Color 2:

Side Loop

A simple snap-on loop that you can place on an underarm strap, underbust strap, or even one of the d-rings for an extra carry attachment, tie-off point, or even a quick sling holder for anything that fits through the 1.5 inch o-ring placed at the end. For safety reasons, since this holds on with only a snap, we do not recommend this for loadbearing or suspension of a body.


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