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Weave Collar

Of course we needed a good companion piece to go with my weave cuffs, and what better than a nice solid collar? Weave collars are built from the same rugged, yet supple oiltan hide as our cuffs, and offer just as big an array of customization options. The three inch backing band offers a good balance between support and posture enforcement, and the one and a half inch wide center strap provides better distribution of force, so that a pull on the d-ring is spread evenly around the collar, instead of just jerking you along from a single area. Sizing- weave collars can fit a 12 to 18 inch neck with no problem, and just like with our cuffs, the hardware can easily be adjusted so that no metal comes into contact with your skin. Should you need a larger size, just contact me.

Body Color: Strap Color: Hardware: Qty: $79.95

Attachment Points

Ultimately, you need a good way to keep it all together, and that's precisely what these are great for. Our clasps take take as much abuse as you'd care to dish out on them, and we can color match these to any combination of cuffs you order.

Two Point attachmets work great for wrist restraints, especially if you run the band through one of the d-rings on our weave collars.

Three point attachments are also particularly good with latching onto collars as well as cuffs, or if you want to hook a pair of wrists together to a single wall mount or other attachment point.

Four point attachments are good for all of the above of course, or for hooking both wrists and ankles together in a hogtie or kneeling posture.

And to make things simpler, we're offering your choice of any of the three at the same price

Attachment Type: Strap Color: Hardware: Qty:

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